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Flowers for Mother’s Day from around the world: Symbolic of Mother's Day

Updated: Apr 11

Flower of Mother’s Day

Which country's culture do you choose for Flowers for Mother’s Day?

Have you ever wondered how various cultures mark Mother's Day with their unique flowers for Mother’s Day? As we anticipate this heartwarming occasion, let's embark on a global journey to explore the symbolic blooms that pay homage to mothers and the charming customs that accompany them!

Canada - Roses in soft colours

Flowers for Mother’s Day?

In Canada, the air is filled with the gentle scent of roses in soft colours on Mother's Day. Roses are a cherished choice for flowers for Mother’s Day, with their timeless charm and romantic symbolism. Soft colours like pink, yellow, and peach carry sentiments of gratitude, appreciation, and admiration. Alongside carnations and roses, lilies, tulips, and daisies add their unique elegance to Mother's Day bouquets. The selection of flowers is your choice. Whether it's a fragrant bouquet of roses, a charming array of lilies, or any other beloved bloom, gifting flowers on Mother's Day is a tender expression of your love.

Taiwan, Korea, and Japan - Carnations

Flowers for Mother’s Day?

Across Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and many other nations, Mother's Day is celebrated with delicate carnations, often in shades of red and pink. These gentle blossoms symbolize deep love, admiration, and gratitude for mothers. In Japan, children lovingly present their mothers with carnations, accompanied by heartfelt messages of appreciation. Carnations serve as a sweet tribute to mothers, honoring their enduring love and influence.

Thailand - Jasmines

Flowers for Mother’s Day?

In Thailand, the essence of Mother's Day is captured by the jasmine flower. The beauty and fragrance of jasmine serve as reminders of family bonds, harmony, and unconditional love, making them an exquisite symbol of honor on this special day. In Thailand, children make lovely flower garlands made of jasmine and send their mothers to show their appreciation and respect.

Mexico - Roses

Flowers for Mother’s Day?

What a special and grand celebration of Mother's Day in this beautiful country called Mexico! In Mexico, Mother's Day is a vibrant celebration filled with music, delicious food, and vibrant flowers. The local stores are packed with colourful flowers, especially roses. The beach, restaurants, and streets are overflowing with families celebrating Mother's Day.

United Kingdom - Daffodils

Flowers for Mother’s Day?

Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, Mother's Day is embraced with cheerful daffodils. Symbolizing new beginnings and the arrival of spring, these golden blooms bring warmth and radiance to the celebration. Children lovingly present their mothers with daffodil bouquets, expressing heartfelt appreciation for their love and care throughout the year.

Let's celebrate Mother's Day with Flowers!

No matter where you are in the world, the sentiment behind flowers for Mother’s Day remains the same—a heartfelt expression of love, appreciation, and gratitude for the remarkable women who shape our lives. Whichever floral bouquet you choose for your beloved mother, rest assured she will cherish it!

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